2022 Stewardship Campaign

Love, Serve, and Give

Our courageous forebearers established a Church home in Newington 300 years ago, and we have been strong in our commitment to our neighbors—locally, nationally, and globally—since. And over time, as our circle of neighbors and the ways we Love, Serve, and Give have expanded, so have our ministries.

But God is still speaking, so as we look to the future, we ask: What is your dream for our Church? How can we live Christ’s love? What opportunities can we create for our congregants and our community?

To accomplish our mission, our ministries need more resources. Therefore, to honor our past, we ask current pledgers to consider increasing their pledge by $300. To secure our present, we are also asking 30 individuals to switch to EFT (electronic funds transfer) to provide consistent revenues for our Church. And to activate our future dreams, we ask 30 people to pledge for the first time.

Please reflect on the courage of our past, the impact our Church currently has in your life and in our community, and your vision for our future—and then give as generously as you can.

You can bring your pledge card to Church on Stewardship Sunday, November 7, 2021, mail it to the Church office, or scan the QR code to pledge online. 

Thank you for living faithfully and generously!